It's time to vote for the classes you want offered!  I have some new teachers and some returning favorites to choose from.  Be sure to check all the pages.  Please only vote if you are planning to attend and only send me your vote once. 
E mail me your 1st, 2nd, and 3 choices for the 2 - day Thursday-Friday classes.  Then your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for the Saturday classes.  Remember this is not registration - that will be later. 
Thursday-Friday Classes
Due South aka The Anti-Cracked Pots)  Unlike last year's selection, this quilt is quick and easy to cut!! You'll be able to pull fabrics from your stash---clean out that closet so you can buy new fabrics---what more could you ask for? We'll use a quick method for the Flying Geese and learn a few new tricks.
True Blue . Another stash buster. The pattern cover photo shows the quilt made in blue. Ours is blue and green but you can use everything in your stash as long as they are medium to dark. It also uses lots of lights---white, cream, ivory, tan, beige---another chance to use everything you have left from other projects. Use it up---clean out that sewing room! Simple piecing but great design possibilities. This is only one of the possible layouts for the blocks
Many Trips To Quilt Shops Time to dig back into your stash and use up those lost and orphan fabrics that you just had to buy on one of your many trips to quilt shops…or use fat quarters that have never found their way into one of your quilts. You'll learn a method of sewing and pressing strips that eliminates the perpetual problem of bowing, as you create blocks that can be arranged in many different settings. Make a few blocks in class or make many blocks later for a quilt any size you want
Wavy Tesselations
Raise the Roof  Two basic blocks, a star and a log cabin, combine to make a fabulous traditionally styled quilt. This quilt will cover very basic techniques like star points that aren't chopped off, and strips that aren't stretched. Very scrap friendly. Clean out your stash or use your favorite new fabric group. We'll cover scrap borders that are easy to construct.
Open Door
This version of a feathered star looks complex, but basic piecing makes it pretty simple. This project will be great for your stash of prints or  batiks.  A variety of fabrics in the blocks and scrappy stripping makes it very fat quarter friendly.  Make one block for a wall  hanging, or several for a whole quilt.

Funky Flower Patch  Make a charming nine patch quilt (any size) with a few random snow ball blocks thrown in. Machine or hand appliquéd flowers (or any other motifs you desire) in the snowball blocks add a whimsical or themed look. This quilt can be any size and made from layer cakes or scraps at least 10" square. Fast and fun!
Flecker Flowers  This appliquéd wall hanging was inspired by a visit to the Flecker Botanical Garden in Queensland, Australia. The flowers were fantastically real but looked like they sprang from an imaginary jungle. They can be hand or machine appliquéd in several different ways which will be covered in the class. Embroidery and embellishments add interest and beauty to the quilt. I-A, Machine (not necessary if you plan to do all appliqué by hand),
Wavy Tesselations
Use fat quarters or long quarters in two color families to make this 44" x 50" wall hanging. Blocks are not square, but measure approximately 6 inches. You will use a template to cut your curved blocks from strip sets, then piece gentle curves together.
2 for 1 Double Delight   Try out this modified Boston Commons and straight stitch your way to making two quilts at once. These quilts are coordinated with the center of one quilt being the outside of the other and vice versa! This double delight is easy stitching and you build your second quilt with your left over strips from your first quilt. Your choice of crib, twin or queen size quilts. Make great gifts - give one and keep one.
Cobblestone Quilt   Try A different path to following the yellow brick road! Easy stripping and stitching -- only you go in circles!! Great use of fabric stash and very easy!
Indigo Braids  This very striking quilt will give you the opportunity to develop your piecing skills and applique techniques. You can add or subtract rows to get the size you need.  For all of you that collect black and white fabrics this quilt is a gem to utilize your stash. On the other hand, this quilt is very color friendly no matter what palette you choose.   Each time you show off your quilt the "WOW" factor will kick in.
Fire Stars  The unique overlapping placement of stars in this quilt makes it unusual and has great eye appeal. The quilt can be made from a variety of colors (3 to 8 star colors). Using a dark background fabric makes the colors "POP" and gives the quilt some depth
Galaxy of Stars-  For the paper piecing lovers, each block will be your most favorite. If you took the Millennium star last year, you already have the book!
Reflections Of   This two color quilt consists of two blocks each finishing at 7.5″. The pattern is template free with may speed methods being used for faster sewing. "Playing on the wall" will be half the fun. Picture it in your favorite holiday fabric.
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